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Psalm 4:2-4

Good Morning Church Family: 

Psalms 4:2-4 We have in verse 2 the onslaught attack of the wicked. Unfortunately, there will always be the wicked to deal with in some way. The word leasing means lying or acting deceitfully. The devil is a liar, and the father of it John 8:44. Here, David said they actually seek after leasing (deceitfulness).

Selah: is a word that indicates a pause in the music. So Psalms 4 is actually a song. When I say pause in the music, I am referring to a pause in the words. Salah actually indicates a raising of the octave, pitch, or volume of the instruments. So the words stop, but the instruments keep playing. There is a secondary Hebrew reference it also can mean the voice's pitch gets louder at that particular last word. As in the singer pauses at that word and raises their voices as the hold the note. The Hebrew synonym word for Salah is forever. So when you see the word selah, it is indicating a pause of some sort in the song. While still carrying on the song.

Psalms 4:3 David acknowledges God's desire of separation and sanctification for his saints. Proverbs 18:1, Romans 1:1, I Thessalonians 1:9 shows us that separation without a direction to join the right things will not work. Psalms 4:3 shows the Lord wants to separate his people, so we might have fellowship and service with him, and for him, note in Psalms 4:3 again (set apart him that is godly for himself) the separation is for God's fellowship and use. 

Note also the word godly God wants clean vessels. Remember, God's virtue heals others. We may not be perfect vessels. Or always obedient vessels, but we can always keep cleaning our vessels. We must partake of Christ's divine nature. But we must strive to keep the vessel clean so our savior can use us. Also, read 2nd Timothy 2:21.

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