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Psalms 4:4-5 

Good morning, church family: 

We saw in verse 3 the admonition for the doctrine of separation and sanctification, and it says in verse 3 we should know these things. But now verse 4 gives one of the reasons for the doctrine of sanctification, and separation will affect our hearts, minds, and affections towards our savior.

Note: Psalms 4:4a "Stand in awe, and sin not:..." When we become entangled, and consumed, and our affections are towards this world, it takes away from our love for the Lord Jesus Christ. I John 2:15-17, James 4:4-8 This world is designed to seduce us and take our hearts from Jesus Christ. Proverbs 12:26 tells us the way of the wicked seduces them. We now have the world as our neighbor constantly through social media, Hollywood, and other means. 

The wrong fellowship does affect one's affections and heart. Lord, help us all, myself included, to follow him and learn the doctrine of separation. There are some things that we need to separate from, 2nd Corinthians 6:14-18.

Why don't you ask the Lord to show you what you need to separate from in your own life.

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