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We believe it is the Christian’s duty to evangelize the lost, by warning them of a literal burning HELL, where all who have not repented of their sins and trusted Christ will go. 

Acts 1:8, Romans 1:15-17

An opportunity to witness on the streets for the Lord Jesus Christ through preaching, singing of hymns, tract distribution, and scripture signs!

A small people doing big things through Jesus Christ.


Door-to-door outreach ministry sharing the gospel of salvation with families at their home. 

A pocket sized presentation of the Gospel. Published to share the the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Bible Institute

Equip Christian's for the ministry through verse-by-verse analysis and practical application of the KJV 1611 Bible.

Outreach ministry to ladies who are homeless, working on the streets, and/or in prison.

An opportunity to distribute gospel tracks, food, and essential items to the homeless.

ECACCC Prision Ministry 

East Central Arkansas Community Correction Center

8th Street Missions

A Church Health Ministry - Addiction Help 

Eastern Arkansas (West Memphis)

Thought Provoking Moments

Written words from our pastor for thought.

Audio Drama Series

An audio drama series created with imagination, fun, and faith to bring biblical principles to life.


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Please pray for our ministries.

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