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Psalm 4:1-3

Psalms 4:1 begins with prayer David was a man of prayer which we will see repeatedly throughout Psalms as a matter of fact a lot of the book of Psalms is just the prayers of David and others written out on paper. Psalms 55:17 David proclaimed he would pray evening morning and even at noon. Luke 18:1 gives the reason why some people faint for a lack of a consistent prayer life. 

God's people need to learn that prayer may not always change the problem, but prayer will always get you through the problem. But also prayer can get the situation even sometimes changed. David said that when he was in trouble in this situation, God enlarged him. I don't know what that exactly means. But apparently, God answered his prayer about that particular problem. 

Maybe this particular prayer David made changed David personally as in spiritual power or growth. Maybe it was a physical change. Even maybe God just might have encouraged David to go on a little further. But the reality is David's prayer changed something about the situation, either personally or corporately in his life. David saw and knew the change. David understood he was better and benefited from the prayer. 

Some of God's people take the attitude why should I pray it won't do any good. Well, if you are that person who feels that way, you need to read the book of Psalms more BECAUSE DAVID WAS ENLARGED!!!! Praise God Glory to the Lamb that was slain!!!! 

Stop letting the devil and our WICKED flesh make you think you are not benefiting from fellowship with God in your prayer closet.

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