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Psalm 1:1-2

Today, I would like you to direct your attention to Psalms 1:1-2. It starts with the word BLESSED. It is emphasized by all capital letters. Now, Job gives you the account of an unhappy man until the end. Once he is restored, obviously, he regains some of, if not all, his joy back. Now, in Psalms, that blessed condition continues. Blessed means happy, and the book of Job has a happy ending. But, Psalms 1 shows how to continue in that happiness.

Psalms 1:1 The verse deals with separation, while Psalms 1:2 the verse deals with uniting ones self with the Lord in his word. Separation does not help if you will not join yourself to the right things in the Christian life. Please read Psalms 1:1-2, along with Proverbs 18:1, Roman's 1:18, we must separate ourselves from things but also join ourselves to the Lord and his word.

One of the main reasons SOME not all but some of God's people are not happy is lack of separation from evil things that grieve the Holy Ghost inside of them. But they also do not regularly unite themselves with Christ through prayer and ministering of his word.

That old saying Joy Jesus, others, yourself last" is a great cleshay and has some truth in it. But real joy and comfort come from the holy Spirit. May God bless you all today.

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