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Psalm 2:1-2

Good Morning Church,

Today's devotion is Psalms 2:1-2, and this is actually a prophecy of our Saviour; the Lord Jesus Christ. Read Acts 4:23-30. What makes our faith and Bible so real, is prophecy being fulfilled. The first prophecy of our Saviour Jesus Christ was prophesied back in Genesis 3:15.

Here in Psalms 2:1-2, we have another prophecy of Christ. You will find that Psalms is full of them. But this particular prophecy has a dual reference to the 1st coming of Christ and the 2nd coming of Christ.

In Acts 4:27-28, we see even at Calvary God knew, and his hand was in what was going on against his own Son. May we take comfort knowing we have a prophetic Bible, serving a prophetic God, with a great prophetic future called the RAPTURE of the church, Titus 2:13.

God knew all and knows all that will happen. You may not like everything God does, but you can rest in knowing he loves you and also in knowing he does know what will happen in the future.

Rest in him church.

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